What is Wp-Me

Wp-Me is a project born to help small business owners to automate their processes in order to focus on what matters: DOING BUSINESS.

Often small business owners, are spending DAYS during the week doing the same things over and over. While there are softwares out there that can help them, they are often built for big corporations with complex panels and high maintenance cost and above all, they follow the concept of the “ONE SIZE FITS ALL“.

While this can be true for some, we noticed that many small businesses often need a simple solution to help them with organizing their DATA and PROCESSES in the CLOUD.

This is when we decided it was time to program Wp-Me.

So SIMPLE, we can’t believe no one came up with it

Wordpress Based

WordPress is our key, our core, our holy grail. Using this amazing open source software it allows us to be quick, up to date and affordable.

Highly Adjustable

You need something tailored, to fit YOUR BUSINESS’ needs. Wp-Me changes to make your life easy without the need for YOU to change.

Built in Blocks

Wp-Me is an eco-system built for you but still “fluid” and “open”. Every function is a “Plugin” that can be turned on or off according to the needs of the moment.